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Fortran example

The first example is the application program SMOOTH. This program is written in FORTRAN 77 (with the ESO defined extensions); the complete code may be found in Appendix D.1.1. We assume that the program code is stored in the file smooth.for.

The compilation and linking for VMS is then:


For UNIX we first have to apply the ESO precompiler to produce a file smooth.f which can then be used for compilation and linking as follows:

 		 % $MIDASHOME/$MIDVERS/system/exec/esoext.exe \ 

-I$MIDASHOME/$MIDVERS/incl -f smooth.for
% f77 -c smooth.f
% f77 smooth.o -L$MIDASHOME/$MIDVERS/lib -lmidas -o smooth.exe

Remember, that the precompiler expects the FORTRAN source code in upper case, in order to work correctly...

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