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Running a MIDAS application

There are two ways to execute the program. The first one is simply to enter the MIDAS command:

 		       Midas nnn > RUN smooth

The other (preferable) possibility is to edit a small MIDAS procedure (say myproc.prg) which prepares your input, e.g. setting default values, and actually executing your program inside MIDAS as above via the RUN command. This could be, say the last line of that procedure (See the MIDAS Users Guide, Chapter 3, Volume A for an in-depth discussion of MIDAS procedures). The program is executed when you activate the procedure, i.e. by entering the command:

 		        Midas nnn > @@ myproc

If you are executing in the VMS environment be careful not to mix the MIDAS RUN command with the DCL RUN command. E.g.

 		       Midas nnn > $RUN smooth

Would also start the execution ot the module smooth.exe but no keywords would be set correctly.

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