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User manuals

A complete user description of the package must exist in the doc subdirectory. The documentation must be written in the LATEX language using the report-style for possible later inclusion in the MIDAS Users Guide. The general format is indicated below:

 %.COPYRIGHT (c)  1991  European Southern Observatory
 %.IDENT     applic.tex
 %.AUTHOR    Your Name, Institute
 %.PURPOSE   Documentation for application package
 %.VERSION   1.0  1991-Jan-22 : Creation, YN
 %\documentstyle[11pt,twoside]{report}     % remove first '%' for print
 %\begin{document}                         % remove first '%' for print
 \day=22  \month=1  \year=1991             % release date for chapter

% \setcounter{page}{1}
 \chapter{Application package} 
 This chapter describes the application package ...

 The package provides a wide set of utilities for ...


 %\end{document}                           % remove first '%' for print

This file can be printed with LATEX by removing the comment character '%' from the documents lines as indicated above.

=17 =1 =1994

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