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Create a Bulk Data Frame on disk

To create an image frame use STFCRE (SCFCRE). This routine will create the file on disk and store the relevant information in an internal MIDAS file control table  . A `file id'  (an integer number) is returned which is used in all following references to that frame.

The data values (pixels)  of a Bulk Data Frame are stored by default as floating point (real) numbers using 32 bits per pixel. However, your application may use bytes (8 bits), unsigned short integers (16 bits), integers (32 bits) or double precision (64 bits) per pixel as well.

Bulk Data Frames and their associated Descriptors are stored together as a normal (unformatted) file on disk. We refer to this file as a Bulk Data Frame as well. The internal format of this file is not described in this document, because one should only access these files via the Standard Interfaces to ensure consistency and backward compatibility of different versions.

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Last update: 1998-10-23