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MIDAS can handle a number of devices. The file AGLDEVS.DAT in the directory
['MIDASHOME'.95NOV .SYSTAB.ASCII.PLOT] defines which drivers has to be used for the various devices. In the system environment variable AGL3CONFIG points to this directory. The variable is defined in the file ['MIDASHOME'.95NOV .MONIT]MIDLOGS.COM.

The format in the AGLDEVS.DAT file is simple: each system name is followed by colon and then followed by a driver name. Comments are preceded by a hash (#) character. In this file you will first find a number of lines describing graphic terminals, graphics windows and display windows. Hereafter, you will find a number of lines describing the available hardcopy devices at ESO and their associated drivers. At the end in the Appendix C an example is given.

In case one wants to use a device that is not included in the agldevs.dat file the device can be defined by the command:

% ASSIGN dev_driver AGL3DEV

where dev_driver stands for the name of the device driver which AGL should use (provided it support that device) when it is made to plotfile. A useful application of this possibility is if one wants to use a graphics terminal that is not of the default MIDAS type (VT640). The file AGLDEVS.DAT contains a listing of all available terminal drivers.

Rein Warmels
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