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System requirements

Please check these requirements before starting the installation of MIDAS:

  1. MIDAS requires a disk space of 55000 blocks to read the distributed backup tape, plus 120000 blocks more for a complete installation with all MIDAS packages available, on a single disk. This amount can be reduced by using the 8 - Clean MIDAS option within the CONFIGMIDAS procedure.

  2. Check that the commands DELETE and PURGE are not redefined
    as DELETE/CONFIRM and PURGE/CONFIRM respectively.

  3. The installation of MIDAS uses the following logical names and symbols:

    These definitions are absolutely necessary for the subsequent steps!

    For demonstration purposes let's assume that the disk for MIDAS should be DBA2: and the directory under which you want to install MIDAS is called SOFTWARE, then proceed as follows:

    $ MIDVERS :== 95NOV

  4. The following libraries are device dependent. They are not included in the tape but they must exist.

    LIBNAGB.OLB the NAG mathematical library.
    IP8LIB.OLB Interface DeAnza for IP 8000 series.

    If they do not exist, INSTALLMIDAS can create an IP8LIB.OLB empty library and a NAGLIB.OLB dummy library.

    If they exist the operator should copy these libraries to the MID_LIB directory or reassign their logical names in the file MID_INSTALL:LIBDEF.COM.

  5. Then check the size of the system pagefile and swapfile plus some system parameters (ask your system manager for assistance): If the system files are not large enough you might get problems in compiling some large programs (e.g. in the agl library directory...).

    Use SYSGEN to check the value of the parameter VIRTUALPAGECNT. This parameter should be set to a rather high value in order to support the mapping of large images in MIDAS. If you have to modify VIRTUALPAGECNT you must reboot the system after having changed the value. NOTE: Do not forget to write the modified parameter VIRTUALPAGECNT to disk (see the doc about SYSGEN) otherwise the change is lost next time you reboot the system!

    Use the command MC AUTHORIZE and subcommands SHOW and MOD to check and modify the page file quota of the account you are using when installing MIDAS.

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Rein Warmels
Wed Apr 24 15:22:51 MET DST 1996