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Complete MIDAS documentation for 94NOV.

The documentation for the 94NOV release of MIDAS is now available
on our "anonymous" and "midas" account:

   - Ftp host: ftphost.hq.eso.org (

In our "midas" account:
   - Ftp account: "midas". Password: "????????"
   - Directory: 94NOV/doc

In our "anonymous" account:
   - Ftp account: "ftp". Password: <Your mail address>
   - Directory: midaspub/94NOV/doc

   - Files: README.doc
	    vol1.ps.Z	(0.4 Mbytes: Complete Volume A  System)
	    vol2_ps.tar	(2.6 Mbytes: Complete Volume B  Data Reduction)
	    vol3_ps.tar	(1.3 Mbytes: Complete Volume C  Detailed Command Descr)
	    env.ps.Z	(0.3 Mbytes: The MIDAS Environment Document 1.2)

NOTE: Documentation is also available in DVI format, with the exception that
      Volume B does not contain figures.

NOTE: There is no upgrade for the MIDAS Environment Document. It is the 
      same as the last one provided for 94MAY (1-May-1994).

Best regards, 
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