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New patch file (94NOVpl1.2) available by ftp.

A new file containing patches for 94NOV (pl.1.2) is now
available in our "midas" ftp account:

   - Ftp host: ftphost.hq.eso.org (
   - Ftp account: "midas". Password: "????????"
   - Directory: 94NOV/patches_94NOVpl1
   - Files: README.patches_94NOVpl1

IMPORTANT NOTE: This patch requires to install MIDAS again and
   completely from scratch, inclusive option "5 - preinstall MIDAS".

Fixed with this patch:
   - Fix no. of pixels for loading images with scale < -1.
   - Avoid MINMAX calculation for LOAD/IMAGE cuts=a,b
   - Fix problem with catalog option in SUBTRACT/ICAT
   - Fix problems with positive declination in COMPUTE/AIRMASS
   - Help file in the ECHELL95 package was missing.
   - /opt/SUNWspro/lib  has to be included in LD_LIBRARY_PATH to install MIDAS
   - Correction in the command FILTER/ECHELLE
   - Bug fix for MODIFY/GCURSOR
   - Bug fix for GET/GCURSOR output format for DECterm windows
   - Bug fixed for XHELP on PC/Linux.
   - Bug fix for overplotting coordinate box and contours on display window
   - Implementation 2dim gauss fitting with calculation of angle of major axis.
   - Solves bug in COPY/DISPLAY for SG/IRIX
   - Modifications in the inmidas script to use Tektronik emulator.
   - Correct the command COPY/TABLE for tables in RECORD format.
   - Bug fig for the INTEGRATE/APERTURE command.
   - Another bug fix for the command MODIFY/GCURSOR
   - make_options for HP does not include -lPW library.
   - CREATE/GUI IRSPEC added to the list of GUIS.
   - Fix for plotting of error bar when using logarithmic axes
   - Generates MIDAS shared libraries on IBM/RS6000 AIX
   - Generates MIDAS shared libraries on SG/IRIX 5.3
   - Correction in the XHelp resource file for X11 R4.
   - Bug fixed in Long context command ERASE/LONG.
   - Keep cursor rectangle size for different applications
   - Fix LOAD/IMAGE for 1-dim frames
   - Command EXECUTE/CATALOG: Do not ask for confirmation with delete option
   - Make CENTER/GAUSS more robust.
   - Bug fixed in OUTTAPE/FITS with the APPEND option on HP and Linux.
   - Fix COMPUTE/IMA res="blabla+12.bdf"
   - Correct keyword naming (max. 8 chars).
   - Bug fixed in MODIFY/GCURSOR for 1-dim frame.
   - Fix column-area mode with exact median for STATIST/IMAGE.
   - Making the IDIserver more robust.

These patches have been tested and verified in the following platforms:

   - SUN SunOS/4.1.3   - HP HP-UX A.09.01         - PC Linux/1.0.8
   - SG IRIX/5.2       - SUN SunOS/5.3 (Solaris)  - DEC OSF1/V2.0