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Collaboration required for testing MIDAS on a CD-ROM.

Dear MIDAS users:

We are looking for some volunteers to test our next distribution 
media: MIDAS on CD-ROM.

On this CD-ROM we will distribute the latest official release of MIDAS
94NOVpl2.0 in binary format for most common UNIX platforms, sources,
documentation, demo and calibration data, plus the complete and
latest Slackware distribution of Linux for PC.

Our main goal is to test the binary installation of MIDAS from a 
CD-ROM on the supported platforms, but it is also important to test
the other material distributed on the CD-ROM, like the Slackware 
distribution of Linux, MIDAS for Linux directly from the CD-ROM,

The selected volunteers (at least one per platform) will receive
the material around the 1st August and we expect to have the 
questionnaires back around the 15th of August. After that we will 
proceed writting the master copy for final production.

If you want to collaborate with us and you fullfill the
requirements below, please send me a mail with the following 

- Name
- Full address
- System: Model and Operating System

- One of the systems below.
- A CD-ROM reader or a DAT tape reader.
- 50 Mbytes minimum disk space free, 100 Mbytes recommended and
  300 Mbytes more if you use the DAT tape instead the CD-ROM.
- A graphical terminal with X11.

You will get:
- A CD-ROM written at ESO with a Kodak CD-ROM writer, with
  the ISO9660 format and RockRidge extensions.
- A DAT tape with the same contents of the CD-ROM, as a backup just
  copy in case the CD-ROM becomes ureadable.
- The CD booklet, with instructions to install MIDAS  on different platforms.
- The password to deencrypt the sources of MIDAS.
- A questionnaire to be filled and returned to us.

Contents of the CD-ROM (or DAT):
- ESO-MIDAS 94NOV 2.0 sources (encrypted)
- ESO-MIDAS 94NOV 2.0 binaries for:
        - PC/Linux 1.2.n
        - HP-UX 9000 A.09.01
        - Sun/SunOS 4.1.3
        - Sun/Solaris 2.4
        - Silicon Graphics IRIX 5.3
        - Alpha/OSF1 V3.0
        - IBM/RS6000 AIX 2.3
- Calibration data for all platforms above.
- Demo data for all platforms above.
- ESO-MIDAS 94NOV 2.0 ready to run from CD-ROM on PC/Linux 1.2.n 
  with demo and calib data.
- ESO-MIDAS 94NOV documentation in:
        - Postscript format
        - DVI format   
        - HTML format
- Complete Slackware 2.0 distribution of PC/Linux.
- Xephem and Xmosaic for PC/Linux.

Best regards,
| Carlos Guirao                            Internet: cguirao@eso.org |
| European Southern Observatory            Phone:   +49-89-32006-434 |
| Karl-Schwarzschild-Strasse, 2            Fax:     +49-89-3202-362  |
| D-85748 Garching bei Muenchen  /-----------------------------------+