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MIDAS 94NOVpl2.0 available by ftp.

Dear MIDAS users,

The 94NOVpl2.0 (patch level 2.0) release of MIDAS is now officially
released. It can be retrieved for UNIX systems from our "midas" ftp 
account. The release for VMS will be announced in few days.

   - Ftp host: ftphost.hq.eso.org (
   - Ftp account: "midas". Password: ????????
   - Directory: 94NOV
   - Files: README.unix
            94NOVpl2.tar.Z	(11 Mbytes)

Previous release 94NOVpl1.2 can be upgraded to 94NOVpl2.0
by applying the patch file p94NOVpl2.0 located in:	

   - Directory: 94NOV/patches_94NOVpl1
   - Files: README.patches_94NOVpl1
            p94NOVpl2.0.tar.Z	(657 Kbytes)

94NOVpl2.0 (patch level 2.0) has been tested and verified in the
following systems:

   - SUN SunOS/4.1.3
   - HP HP-UX A.09.01
   - PC Linux/1.2.8
   - SG IRIX/5.2
   - SUN SunOS/5.4 (Solaris)
   - DEC OSF1/V3.0
   - DEC ULTRIX/4.3
   - IBM/AIX 3.2

New in this release compared to 94NOVpl1.2 (see the MIDAS-Courier 
Vol-3 N-2 from March 1994 and Vol-4 N-1 from October 1994):
   - Fix MODIFY/PIXEL for negative stepsize.
   - Bug fixed for setup script (only for Ultrix systems)
   - Bug fixed in VIEW/IMAGE plot contour option (only Linux systems)
   - Correct keyword input option for DRAW/LINE
   - Fixing problems with colour on PC with X emulator software
   - NEW: Cross-check MIDAS release between monitor and executables.
   - Bug fix for coordinate input via cursor
   - Bug fix for CREATE/FUNCION command.
   - Bug fix for OUTTAPE/FITS with option TYPE=BASIC option.
   - Check of table display format in INTAPE/FITS
   - Fix shadow display creation
   - Fix bug with COPY/DKEY
   - Update of CENTER/IQE
   - Fix MAGNITUDE/CIRCLE with table input
   - Fix COMPUTE/PRECESS for finale negative declinations
   - Use smaller value (10e-33) as "NULL"

94NOVpl2 (patch level 2.0) is also available in binary format for
the all platforms above. Binaries copies of 94NOVpl2 are available on
our anonymous ftp account. MIDAS in binary format can be distributed 
freely and does not require the signature of the ESO-MIDAS User 

   - Ftp host: ftphost.hq.eso.org (
   - Ftp account: "ftp". Password: <Your mail address>
   - Directories: /pub/midaspub/94NOV/linux	(PC Linux/1.2.8)	
                  /pub/midaspub/94NOV/hp_ux	(HP HP-UX A.09.01)
		  /pub/midaspub/94NOV/alpha_osf	(DEC OSF1/V3.0)	
		  /pub/midaspub/94NOV/ibm_aix	(IBM/AIX 3.2)	
		  /pub/midaspub/94NOV/sg_irix	(SG IRIX/5.2)
		  /pub/midaspub/94NOV/sun_os	(SUN SunOS/4.1.3)
		  /pub/midaspub/94NOV/solaris	(SUN SunOS/5.4)
   - Files: README.<platform>

Best regards,
| Carlos Guirao                            Internet: cguirao@eso.org |
| European Southern Observatory            Phone:   +49-89-32006-434 |
| Karl-Schwarzschild-Strasse, 2            Fax:     +49-89-3202-362  |
| D-85748 Garching bei Muenchen  /-----------------------------------+