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The 95NOV official release of MIDAS available now!

Dear MIDAS users,

As from today the official 95NOVpl1.0 release of MIDAS is available
on our ftp accounts. 

Best of success and enjoy MIDAS!
	- ESO-MIDAS group.

 MIDAS 95NOV official announcement
 1- What's new or upgraded in MIDAS 95NOV ?
 2- Platform availability
 3- Source distribution of MIDAS 95NOVpl1.0
 4- Binary distribution of MIDAS 95NOVpl1.0
 5- MIDAS 95NOV documentation
 6- MIDAS under the GNU General Public License
 7- MIDAS on a CD-ROM?
 8- Technical Support and Network Services

1- What's new or upgraded in MIDAS 95NOV?
   Many new things have been added in 95NOV. Many other were upgraded
   and lot of bugs have been fixed in this release compared to 
   previous 94NOV release.

   The following list is just a summary. A more detailed list can be 
   obtained, after installation, with the MIDAS command "help [news]"
   New commands:
   - SET/MIDAS ENVIRONMENT=MidHost. When defined, non-MIDAS commands 
     are  executed as system commands.
   - SET/MIDAS PATH=value. Add a new search path for MIDAS procedures
     executed with @@ command.
   - SET/MIDAS DPATH=value. Add a new search path for MIDAS data 
   - SET/MIDAS EPATH=value. Add a new search path for MIDAS
     executable files. 
   - FITS files. All MIDAS applications accept images in FITS format 
     as input.
   - INDISK/ASCII. Builds a MIDAS image from an ASCII file on disk.
   - Pipes in MIDAS commands are supported (only unix) e.g.: 
     read/descr lola | $grep CUNIT
   - New communication interfaces have being implemented (only unix).
   - MIDAS on a pipeline. e.g. "CREATE/DIS ; LOAD sombrero" | inmidas	
   - TRANSPOSE/CUBE. Rearranges the planes of a cube.
   - CENTER/IQE. A 2-dim Gaussian centering command which also 
     calculates the angle of the major axis with the X-axis.
   - INFO/IMAGE. Displays in a user readable format the values of the
     internal File Control Block of a binary MIDAS image.

   Command upgrades:

   New packages:
   - MOS: Multi Object Spectographical package for reduction of FORS
   - IRAC2: Software for the reduction of infrared data from IRAC2b
     camera on the 2.2m La Silla telescope.
   - XECHELLE: Graphical User Interface to the ECHELLE package.
   Package upgrades:
   - CCD. CCD reduction package
   - DO. Data Organizer. Utility to analyse and identify associations
     in a database of astronomical observations.
   - ECHELLE. Calibration package of echelle spectra.
   - LONG: Reduction package for the reduction of one-dimensional
     and long-slit spectra.
   - IUE: Package to access data from the International Ultraviolet
     Explorer satellite.

2- Platform availability.
   MIDAS 95NOV 1.0 has been installed and verified on the following 

   - SUN SunOS/4.1.3     - HP HP-UX A.09.01      - PC Linux/1.2.8
   - SUN SunOS/5.4       - DEC OSF1/V3.2         - SG IRIX/5.2
   - IBM AIX/V2.3

   All installations were done with the native C and Fortran compiler
   with the exception of SunOS 4.1.3 where also the GNU C compiler
   was used.

   MIDAS 95NOV will be ported to VMS and Open/VMS systems by an 
   external site. For those of you interested in MIDAS 95NOV for VMS 
   and Open/VMS please contact Mr. Jean-Pierre De Cuyper at
   "jeanpier@oma.be" or "midas@oma.be".

3- Source distribution.
   ESO-MIDAS software and documentation is distributed via the 
   our ftp services only. Only those sites with no access to Internet 
   may request ESO-MIDAS on a type and by regular mail, provided an 
   explicit request has been received, and the site has a User 

   MIDAS 95NOVpl1.0 is available in source code from our 
   "midas" ftp account. This account is restricted to MIDAS-sites
   with a valid ESO-MIDAS User Agreement. If you fall in this 
   category and you have never tried this ftp account before (or you 
   have forgotten the password) please send an e-mail to 
   "midas@eso.org" quoting your User Agreement and indicating the IP
   number of the host from which you plan to ftp MIDAS files.

   - Ftp host: ftphost.hq.eso.org (
   - Ftp account: "midas". Password: "????????"
   - Directory: /95NOV
   - Files: README.unix

   For a proper installation of MIDAS follow the procedure of the
   installation document provided in PostScript and DVI format.

4- Binary distribution.
   95NOVpl1.0 is also available in binary format for all supported
   platforms. Binary copies of MIDAS are already compiled
   and ready to run. Installation is reduced to just the tuning of
   some configuration files.
   Binary copies of 95NOVpl1.0 are available in our anonymous ftp 
   account. MIDAS in binary format can be distributed freely and does
   not require the signature of an ESO-MIDAS User Agreement:

   - Ftp host: ftphost.hq.eso.org (
   - Ftp account: "ftp". Password: <Your mail address>
   - Directories: /midaspub/95NOV/linux		(PC Linux/1.2.8)	
                  /midaspub/95NOV/hp_ux		(HP HP-UX A.09.01)
		  /midaspub/95NOV/alpha_osf	(DEC OSF1/V3.2)	
		  /midaspub/95NOV/ibm_aix	(IBM/AIX 3.2)	
		  /midaspub/95NOV/sg_irix	(SG IRIX/5.2)
		  /midaspub/95NOV/sun_os	(SUN SunOS/4.1.3)
		  /midaspub/95NOV/solaris	(SUN SunOS/5.4)
   - Files: README.<platform>

   MIDAS is distributed on all platforms with Graphical User 
   Interfaces using the Motif dynamic shared libraries. 
   For those platforms on which Motif is not distributed with the 
   system (e.g. Linux and SunOS 4.1.3), MIDAS GUIs with the Motif 
   library statically linked are also available in our anonymous ftp 

   - Directories: /midaspub/95NOV/linux/gui	(PC Linux/1.2.8)
		  /midaspub/95NOV/sun_os/gui	(SUN SunOS/4.1.3)
   - Files: README.gui

5- MIDAS 95NOV documentation.
   ESO-MIDAS documentation is available in Postscript and DVI format
   (eventually also in HTML format) from our "anonymous" and "midas" 
   ftp account:

   - Ftp host: ftphost.hq.eso.org (
   In our "midas" account:
   - Ftp account: "midas". Password: "????????"
   - Directory: /95NOV/doc

   In our "anonymous" account:
   - Ftp account: "ftp". Password: <Your mail address>
   - Directory: /midaspub/95NOV/doc

   - Files: README.doc
            vol1.ps.z    ESO-MIDAS Volume A: System
            vol2_ps.tar  ESO-MIDAS Volume B: Data Reduction
            vol3_ps.tar  ESO-MIDAS Volume C: Detailed Command Descrip.
            env.ps.z     ESO-MIDAS Environment.
            agldoc.tar.Z AGL Documentation.
            ididoc.ps.Z  IDI Documentation.

   Printed copies and updates of documentation can also be obtained 
   by contacting the User Support Group at ESO/Munich.

6- MIDAS under the GNU General Public License
   As you know, the ESO-MIDAS system is available, free of charge, to 
   all non-profit research institutes, whereas other organizations or 
   companies may be charged a nominal fee to cover distribution. Till 
   now, institutes interested in using MIDAS must sign a User 
   Agreement before distribution material can be shipped. MIDAS is 
   distributed in source code copyrighted by ESO with all rights 
   reserved. Institutes receiving the MIDAS system are not allowed to 
   redistribute it to other sites without explicit written permission 
   from ESO.

   Although this distribution policy has helped us significantly in 
   monitoring the usage of ESO-MIDAS, it has taken away manpower that 
   we now need for other tasks. In order to reduce this overhead we 
   currently discussing the  possibilities to put ESO-MIDAS under the 
   GNU General Public License. We hope to conclude these discussions 

   Therefore, we anticipate that version 1.0 of the 95NOV release 
   (95NOVpl1.0) will be the last MIDAS release that falls under the 
   conditions layed down in the User Agreement between ESO and the 
   external institutes. Shortly after we will take steps to include 
   the GNU License statement in the MIDAS source code. It all goes 
   well, as from the next patch level, planned for February 1996, 
   ESO-MIDAS will be available under the GNU General Public License.

   More detailed information about this new License policy will be 
   distributed with the announcement of the first patch level.

7- MIDAS on a CD-ROM
   Our current plan expects the generation and distribution of
   the next patch level of MIDAS 95NOVpl2.0 (February 1996) on a 

   Distribution policy for this CD-ROM has not been decided yet
   but will be announced in this mailing list in the near future.  

   The CD-ROM will include:

   - ESO-MIDAS 95NOV 2.0 sources
   - ESO-MIDAS 95NOV 2.0 binaries for:
        - PC/Linux (newest release)
        - HP-UX 9000 A.09.01
        - Sun/SunOS 4.1.3
        - Sun/Solaris 2.4
        - Silicon Graphics IRIX 5.3
        - Alpha/OSF1 V3.2
        - IBM/RS6000 AIX 2.3
   - Calibration data for all platforms above.
   - Demo data for all platforms above.
   - ESO-MIDAS 95NOV 2.0 ready to run from CD-ROM on PC/Linux.
   - ESO-MIDAS 95NOV documentation in:
        - Postscript format
        - DVI format
        - HTML format
   - Complete Slackware distribution (newest release) for PC/Linux.
   - EXSAS, the MIDAS reduction package for the ROSAT project.
8- Technical Support and Network Services:
   Official user support and documentation services from ESO
   are not granted without a prior signed User Agreement.

        - Electronic mail: midas@eso.org (Internet)
        - Post: Data Management Division - User Support Group.
                Karl-Schwarzschild-Strasse 2,
                D-85748 Garching bei Muenchen
        - Telephone: +49-89-32006456
        - Telefax:   +49-89-3202362

   Other public services:

        - Anonymous ftp: ftphost.hq.eso.org (
        - WWW          : http://http.hq.eso.org/midas-info/midas.html
        - mailing lists: 
             midas-announce (for official announcements)
             midas-users    (for general discussion).
          To subscribe send an e-mail to "midas-announce-request"
          or "midas-users-request" with the text "subscribe" in
          the body of the mail.
        - The ESO-MIDAS Courier: Newsletter of the MIDAS User's 
          Community. Distributed by traditional mail, but also 
          available on the WWW and by anonymous FTP account.
          Editor: rwarmels@eso.org