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Patch file 95NOVpl1.1

Dear MIDAS users,

The patch file p95NOVpl1.1 (patch level 1.1) release of MIDAS is now 
officially released. It can be retrieved for UNIX systems from our
"midas" ftp account.

It is, however, not recommended to install these patch file unless you are
really afected by any of the bugs described here.

* New or fixed in p95NOVpl1.1:
   - Compilation error in PC/Linux 1.2.13
   - key=M$EXSISTD(file,descr) crashed for non-existing file on HP
   - Bug fixed and needed for EXSAS project
   - Workaround for "fseek()" bug in Ultrix 4.4
   - Minor error in XEchelle makefile
   - Increasing the maximun number of opened files from 20 to 64 in Solaris
   - Automatic test procedure for communication interfaces.
   - Bug fix causing cursor problems in the command LABEL/GRAPH
   - Bug fix for one entry in the identification table (command OVERPLOT/IDENT)
   - Error message in case of array overflow (command SEARCH/INVENT)
   - Improved help text for the command INTEGRATE/LINE

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