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Patch file 96NOVpl2.1

Dear MIDAS users,

The release 96NOVpl2.1 (patch level 2.1) release of MIDAS is now
available in our anonymous ftp account. 

This release contains only a patch to fix a bug when reading
FITS files produced by the ESO-NTT telescope. 

Only if you are working with ESO-NTT FITS files you will need to
install this patch, otherwise you can stay with the previous release

96NOVpl2.1 is provided, both for source and binary installations, as a
patch file called "patch96NOVpl2.1.tar.Z" in compressed-tar format, 
which has to be applied to the previous release "96NOVpl2.0".

   - Ftp host: ftphost.hq.eso.org (
   - Ftp account: "ftp". Password: <Your mail address>
   - Directories: /midaspub/96NOV/linux         (PC Linux/2.0.28)
                  /midaspub/96NOV/hp_ux         (HP HP-UX A.10.10)
                  /midaspub/96NOV/alpha_osf     (DEC OSF1/V4.0)
                  /midaspub/96NOV/ibm_aix       (IBM/AIX 4.1)
                  /midaspub/96NOV/sg_irix       (SG IRIX/5.2)
                  /midaspub/96NOV/solaris       (SUN Solaris 2.5)
                  /midaspub/96NOV/sources       (MIDAS sources)
   - Files: README.patches

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| European Southern Observatory            Phone:   +49-89-32006-434 |
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