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ESO-MIDAS CD-ROM 98NOVpl2.1 now available.

Dear Midas users,

The MIDAS Group of ESO is happy to announce the ESO-MIDAS CD-ROM
containing the release
98NOVpl2.1 (patch level 2.1) of ESO-MIDAS. Below follows an overview of
the contents of the CD-ROM and the minimum system requirements to be
able to use it.

The ESO-MIDAS CD-ROM will contain the release 98NOVpl2.1 and will
include source code, binaries, documentation, and verification
procedures. The complete list of what is on the CD-ROM is given below.
      ESO-MIDAS 98NOVpl2.1 sources
      ESO-MIDAS 98NOVpl2.1 binaries for:
             - Intel/Linux 2.0.34 or higher
             - Alpha/Linux 2.1.120 or higher
             - HP-UX 9000  A.10.20
             - Sun/Solaris 2.5.1
             - Alpha/OSF1 V4.0a
      Calibration data for all platforms above.
      Demo data for all platforms above.
      ESO-MIDAS 98NOVpl2.1 ready to run from CD-ROM on PC/Linux.
      ESO-MIDAS 98NOV documentation in: - Postscript format - HTML
      Xephem 3.2.2 source and binaries for Intel Linux
      SkyCat 2.4.3. source and binaries for Intel Linux, HP and Solaris
      Guide Star Catalog (GSC)

Platform availability
MIDAS 98NOVpl2.1 has been installed and verified on the following
  SUN Solaris 2.5.1
  SUN Solaris 2.6 (1.)
  HP HP-UX A.10.20
  Intel/Linux 2.0.34
  Alpha/OSF1 V4.0A (2.)
  Alpha/Linux 2.1.120 (3.)
  IBM AIX/V4.1

  1.Binaries from Solaris 2.5.1 can be used on Solaris 2.6
  2.On OSF1 the source distribution requires also the installation of
    patch file OSF1patch.98NOVpl2.1.tar.Z
  3.RedHat 5.2 for Alpha Apollo. ONLY the core of MIDAS has been ported.

How to Order
The CD-ROM is available to everyone interested in the ESO-MIDAS.
Research Institutes can order the CD-ROM directly from the ESO-MIDAS
Group by filling out the ESO-MIDAS Problem Reporting Form (category
distribution), or just by sending an email to midas@eso.org. Others are
kindly invited to contact ESO Education and Public Relations Department
at ips@eso.org or use their Order Form on the web.

To remind you, the ESO-MIDAS products contained on the CD-ROM, are
available via our anonymous ftp server:
The ftp services include regular patches and updates of ESO-MIDAS.

Best regards,