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Re: problem with the FFT/FPOWER

Dear Adriano,

I tried the below commands (18,19,24 & 25) on MIDAS-99NOVpl2.2, RedHat-6.2. Both
completed without any error messages. I also tried corresponding commands with
sizes 128x128 and 1024x1024, no apparent problems there either. Since I have no
idea what the commands do, I can't tell you whether the output is sensible or
not, but at least they APPEAR to complete normally.

Good luck.

Adriano Fontana wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have a problem with the FFT/FPOWER command in midas.
> I use Linux (Mandrake release 7.0) with midas 99NOVpl2.0.
> If I try to execute the  command:
>  fft/fpower
> I get various error messages, that depend on the size of the input image:
> Midas 018>  crea/ima gauss1 2,512,512 1,1,1,1 POLY 1,1
> Midas 019> fft/fpower gauss1 ? f1 f2 f3
> (ERR) SCDCOP: gauss1.bdf + HISTORY - INPINV
> (OSY) OSY_RVB  Invalid argument
> Invalid input arguments to MIDAS routine.
> Midas 024> crea/ima gauss 2,256,256 1,1,1,1 POLY 1,1
> Midas 025> fft/fpower gauss ? f1 f2 f3
> (ERR) Problems in executing /midas/99NOV/prim/exec/fouri.exe
> Child killed by signal 11
> The funny thing is that I get NO error if I use a different
> size, like 128 or 1024 (which argues against a problem with memory).
> I do not get similar errors on other platforms.
> Can anybody tell me if the bug is fixed with 99NOVpl2.2 ?
> Matter is urgent, since the command is within a script I use to reduce
> data that I need for proposal submission...
> many thanks,
> Adriano

John Pritchard.                                      http://www.astro.ku.dk/~jdp
New Zealand Science & Technology Post-Doctoral Fellow
Niels Bohr Institute for Astronomy, Physics and Geophysics
Astronomical Observatory, Juliane Maries Vej 30, DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø
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