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Problems with TrueColor mode under Linux

Hi midas,

having installed Midas 99NOV on a  Linux PC (Suse6.4) I encountered the
problem described in 


My graphics card in the PC (ATI EXPERT2000) uses the standard SVGA
X-server. I had started the server in 24bit mode to take advantage of
the TrueColor display. It happended exactly what is described in the
FAQ: the card stores with real 24bit per pixel which lets the IDI server

By searching a bit through the literature I found that many graphics
cards when started in 32bit mode (even if they are physically only
24bit) will work. This means they will store the 24bit pixels in 32bit
per pixel, exactly what MIDAS needs. And: it worked (at least for my
card but I guess it will work for many others, too)!

Maybe you could add this hint to the FAQ page.


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