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Re: empty string


I tested the handling of blank character-keys 
with 98NOVpl2.1 and 99NOVpl2.2 running under OSF1, and it
gives different results compared to K.Banses mail.

Namely the behavior depends on the length of the key, and is perhaps also
related to the maximum length of a command-line in MIDAS. 

 In 99NOV
   >define/local root/C/1/150 " " all
   >write/out a{root}b  


   >define/local root/C/1/148 " " all
   >write/out a{root}b  
   >                                                                     b

 In 98NOV character-keys of any length print an empty string.

   define/local root/C/1/1 " " all
   write/out a{root}b  

So the good news is, that at least in my MIDAS there is an empty string. 
Although this seems to be quite an accidential feature.

All the best,
Robert Schwarz                                         
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