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Re: VAX float to IEEE float, Help!

Dear T. S. Prasad,

If you like I could convert your VAX float files on our VMS machines into
standard FITS format, as it should have been done in the first place if
one wants to keep its data in a standard readable form.


Dr. Jean-Pierre De Cuyper
Royal Observatory Of Belgium

> Dear Sir,
> Using MS Windows (95/98/NT), I have to read 32-bit (single precision) 
> floating point numbers generated years back on Micro VAX machines. As 
> the float formats are entirely different for Windows (IEEE float) and 
> the VAX, I am running into serious problem. I first tried to search 
> for the same on the Internet but with no real result. I hope you (or 
> someone known to you) will be having a C or C++ function(s) for this 
> conversion. Can you kindly send me the function? 

> If you do not have it, please tell me whom to contact. 

> With thanks and Best Wishes,

> Yours sincerely,
> T.S. Prasad

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