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Re: MIDAS 01FEB on a PC Linux

Stefano Covino wrote:
> Perhaps this is a well known problem.
> I'm trying to compile the MIDAS 01FEBpl1.4  version on a Linux PC with
> Red-Hat 7.1 as operating system. I provided to the script the correct
> location of the X11 library (/usr/X11R6) but later I got a warning about
> the "Xm" include files.  It seems that there is such a directory in the
> file system.
> Can I try anything else?
>     Stefano
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Hi Stefano,

The warning with the "Xm" indicate a problem with the Motif 
include files. To see more about the problem, execute:

	cd <midas_dir>/install/unix/text
	rm -f testxm.o testxm.exe
	make testxm.exe

Very likely the problem happens because you do not have a complete
Motif development package. The standard distribution of RedHat 
does not include Motif, but it is public domain and it can be
found in RPM distributions (there are two distributions, the
runtime and the development one, both are necessary).

They are also available in our anonymous ftp account account at 


there you will find:


I've used them in a RedHat 7.1 Seawolf distribution successfully.

I hope it helps to you as well.

PS. Currently I'm working in the next release of MIDAS 01SEP, which
will became available in our ftp account by mid-september, also
for Linux RedHat 7.1 and with GUIs compiled with static Motif, so
no Motif installation will be necessary.
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