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Problems with integrate/aperture for big images

Dear Midas-users,

I don't know whether some of you faced already this problem...

I am running MIDAS 02FEBpl1.1 under Unix machines (Alpha Tru64 Compaq)
and when I run the command

integrated/aperture ima,zero table 516

I get this complaint from the system:

 0.0000E+00 0.0000E+00   516.0      836469  0.6450E+05    0.0000E+00
(ERR) SCFMAP: MIDDUMA.tbl + file size = 809196544 bytes - MEMOUT
Out of (virtual) memory.
Midas 003>

my zero.tbl is 0,0
my ima is a 2048x2048 image centered at 0,0
table is the output of the integration
516 is the radius (number of pixels) where I want to do the
integration... Let me tell you that the computer I am using
accepts 4Gb of ram memory  and I have set no limit in memory
before running the MIDAS command..

Has MIDAS any internal limit for such a command??

Furthermore, the help on that command (from the crea/gui h) says that
there is
no help on integr - no help file found. However, within the MIDAS
session (in
the command line), I can get the desired info by typing help

Could any one of you help me with the memory problem??? (the help
problem is
not critical)

Thanks a lot,

Luisa-Maria Lara                               Phone: +34 958 121300
Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía          Fax: +34 958 814530
Camino Bajo de Huétor 24                       e-mail: lara@iaa.es
P.O. Box 3004, 18080 Granada - SPAIN