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MIDAS with MacOS X/Darwin

Dear MIDAS users,

since the release of MacOS X/Darwin I was thinking about installing
MIDAS under
this operating system. Has anyone tried to do so or knows about attempts

to port MIDAS to this system?
Anyway, I started an attempt to install MIDAS 01FEBpl1.4 on a Powerbook
with Mac OSX 10.1.3, developer tools vers. Dec2001, X11R6 (Xfree86 for
LessTif, and GNU g77.
So far I succeeded to compile and build executables of all sources but
two of the core package.
These two are idfunc.for and lutmod.for in /prim/display/src.
An error occurs obviuosly during linking:

 f77 idfunc.o -L/usr/local/midas/01FEBpl1.4/lib -ldisp -lftab ...-lmidas
 ld: Undefined symbols:
 make: *** [../../exec/idfunc.exe] Error 1

The same error occurs with lutmod.for.

Has anyone an idea what the problem could be? Maybe a missing system
or a problem with /usr/bin/ld? The MIDAS libraries in any case seem to
have been build correctly.


F.-J. Zickgraf


Priv.-Doz. Dr. Franz-Josef Zickgraf
Hamburger Sternwarte                 e-mail: fzickgraf@hs.uni-hamburg.de

Gojenbergsweg 112                    Tel.:   +49-(0)40-428 91 4138
21029 Hamburg                        Fax:    +49-(0)40-428 91 4198