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Coordinate shift in RA in the image obtained with

Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2002 16:58:02 +0200
Sender: owner-midas-users
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  Hi all,

   I use EXTRACT/CURSOR on MIDAS 01FEBpl1.4 (True 64) and  02FEBpl1.0 on

PC/Linux (RedHat 7.3). The result is the same! The problem is that the
extracted image shows  a shift in RA (in my case by about 30 min for a
at DEC~-8) compared with the original image. (To the accuracy I checked
is o.k.).

Could it be that extract/image has a bug (or undocumented feature :-) in
conserving the correct coordinates (i.e. not writing the correct numbers
the bdf-descriptors of the resulting image?

Thanks for any comments,

Werner Becker