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To: Midas-Users <midas-users@eso.org>
Subject: DEFINE/LOCAL ERROR/...!!!!

Hi, programmers !

Using Carlos Guirao spec procedures for a while  all was right, but now
in my
02FEBpl-1.1 on Linux ,  I got this problem, even with the TUTORIAL/LONG
median over files...
 1 > STAT/IMAGE lnbias
frame: lnbias  (data = R4)
complete area of frame
minimum, maximum:                  1.780000e+02    1.980000e+02
at pixel (3,278),(4,2)
mean, standard_deviation:          1.900315e+02    1.425749e+00
3rd + 4th moment:                     -0.448035        6.30217
total intensity:                     5.4349e+07
median, 1. mode, mode:             1.898837e+02   1.780392e+02
total no. of bins, binsize:             256      7.843138e-02
# of pixels used = 286000 from 1,1 to 550,520 (in pixels)
 1 > CREATE/ICAT flat lndemo_flat*.bdf
Image catalog flat with 4 entries created...
 1 > SET/LONG TRIM=20,60,520,457
 1 > PREPARE/LONG flat.cat lndemo_ft
Invalid or non existing key name ...
Keynames (max. 15 chars.) have to begin with a letter.
Local keynames should not match system keynames like e.g. USER, LOG,

I'am pretty sure something is broken in the CONTEXT/SPEC or LONG with
the variables management... DEFINE/LOCAL
Could somebody test the tutorial for confirmation .... I want to speak
about spectra reduction
in Paris in my speech on Linux in Astronomy, on 11 November so ....!

Thanks a lot.

 Serge Montagnac