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Re: Building 02FEB on IA64

Felix Hormuth wrote:

>I would be interested if anyone tried and/or succeeded to
>compile 02FEB on an Itanium-based system. I spent this day
>on doing so on a HP-i2000 workstation running GNU/Debian 3.0r0
>and failed so far. It seems that the build process stops
>in an early phase because no suitable ftoc.h could be determined
>by the test procedures. Trying to assign one of the prebuilt
>ftoc_xxxx.h manually results in binarys being built, but
>they do not work correct - well, not very surprising.
>Any help or suggestions would be very appreciated.
>Felix Hormuth,
>Starkenburg Observatory Heppenheim, Germany
Hi, from Aix en Provence !

I'm pretty sure you will build successfully 02FEBpl1.1 if you can
install g77 instead of any
other ftoc converter; I had to modify some options in the previous
releases.... in :

 /home/midas/02SEPpl1.1/install/unix/systems/Linux/make_options  file
underneath, but normally g77 is auto-detected
Good Luck,



# With g77 as Fortran compiler use the following two definitions:

# With Slackware 2.4 use the following definitions:
#C_OPT=-O -ansi


# With RedHat 5.1, and fort77 (f2c) use the following definitions:
#LD77_CMD=$(CC) -lf2c

SLIB=-Wl,-rpath $(MIDASHOME)/$(MIDVERS)/lib
GUI_OPT=-DPATH_MAX=1024 -Ddg88


EDITLIBS=-lreadline -lncurses

# To link with static Motif libraries
# X_LIBS=-Wl,-Bstatic -lXm -lXext -lXp -Wl,-Bdynamic -lXt -lX11


 Serge Montagnac