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Gui Alice

From: Nick Cox <ncox@science.uva.nl>

Hi all,

In using the gui ALICE I've encountered a small problem.

If I open a bdf file into the gui it only shows the first
part of the spectrum...

If I rebin the spectrum to lower resolution it shows more of
the spectrum. So apparently it has something to do with a
limit of pixelpoints read into alice (the limit seems to be 6000 npix).

Does anyone know if the number of points read can be altered,
cause I really don't want to reduce my resolution or start cutting
my spectrum in pieces? Or perhaps the latest midas release solved it

Many thanks,

Nick Cox


 Nick Cox    ncox@science.uva.nl

 Astronomical Institute "Anton Pannekoek"
 Kruislaan 403, room 3.28
 1098 SJ Amsterdam
 The Netherlands

 ph. +31 20 525 7473