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Hi Paul,

>Dear All,
>          I am using COPY/DD thus:
>Midas 058>COPY/DD blah.bdf NPIX/i/1/1 blah.bdf NAXIS1/i/1/1
>which works fine, creating NAXIS1 and copying the 1st elemnet from NPIX

>to the first element of NAXIS1. This is while the file is BDF, but when

>I OUTDISK/FITS the resultant BDF files, the newly created descriptors
>dissappear! For fun I tried OUTTAPE/FITS, the fun was shortlived.. no
>Any helpful advice/explanations would be very welcome.
>        Cheers
I am not sure but NAXIS1 (or NAXIS2)  seem a IRAF FITS header ... NAXIS
is a MIDAS one's  (NAXIS (1) or NAXIS(2).
The NAXIS1 where transformed to NAXIS(1) when I made a FITS --> BDF
in my reductios. So could be the same at the reverse ???
It seems to me that NAXIS1 can be transformed to NAXIS(1) in you newly
fits file ... but there are options in OUTDISK/FITS to keep the headers
there are.

Good luck,

        Pierre Leisy