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Re: Installation Problem


On Wed, 2004-02-25 at 14:23, Paul Ward wrote:
> I cant get 04feb version of midas to install. Firstly it couldn't find

> the
> path to X11.

You really should give some detail about your system and what you did,
otherwise we have to guess.

The error probably indicates that the X11 development is not installed.
I suppose that the installation was done on a Linux system? Then you
have to install the X11 development which comes with your Linux
distribution. In addition, a C-compiler (gcc) and a Fortran compiler
(g77) are absolutely needed. openmotif is required for the GUIs.

> Was looking for xlib.h, xutil.h, cursorfont.h,keysym.h and
> intrinsic.h. Found free86 version of x11 on eso ftp and put all these
> into
> one directory.

I do not know where you got this fromn, but you really should install
the X11 from your distribution instead of these files.

Kind regards,
Otmar Stahl