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Dear all,

I'm using 'center/gauss' to fit a single Gaussian to an absortion line. 
The problem I have is that 'center/gauss' does not seem to return any 
errors from the fit as it says in the help menu it would. It returns 
some numbers which I believe are: xstart, xend, xcenter, ycenter, FWHM, 
ystart, yend and a few others whose meaning I don't know and which keep 
a constant value when I fit a single Gaussian to the same line in a set 
of spectra in which the line changes (i.e. if the line profile changes 
the error in the Gaussian fit also changes).  The meaning of the values 
returned by 'center/gauss' does not correspond to those explained in the 
help menu. I'm using version the 04SEPpl1.0 version of midas.
I've done some research on the documentation to see if I could find out 
more about it but I haven't been able to do so.  Can anybody help me?

I thank you all in advanced!!!!