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printer devices

>Class: support
>Priority: low
>Category: midas-install
>Originator: mehle@atnf.CSIRO.AU
>Release: 95NOVpl2.0
>Synopsis: printer devices
I have problems to define the correct printer devices
> in MIDAS: 
> One problem seems to be caused by the fact that lpr
> here is set to lpr -P$PRINTER where $PRINTER is an
> environment variable used at my institute.
> Another problem is that when sending an ASCII file to a
> printer, lpr checks the input file and does a postscript
> conversion on the fly.  
> I defined LASER and PLASER in devices.sh as ps2usr0
> and got the result (when doing a copy/displ or
> copy/grap): lpr: cannot access ps2usr0
> However in both cases a postscript file is produced
> (screen00.ps and ps2usr0.ps, resp.) and send to the
> printer defined as our local variable $PRINTER.
> Hence, I could live with that..
> However I dont know how to define LPRINT. If I need to print out
> ASCII files e.g. print/tab or print/help, that has to work, right?
> Cam you help, please?
> Thanks very much,
> Matthias Ehle.