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>Class: support
>Priority: low
>Category: midas-install
>Originator: grupprec@eso.org
>Release: ?
>Environment: linux
>Command: ?
>Synopsis: ?
Someone (a German amateur astronomer) who had seen my letter to 
Sterne und Weltraum recently called this morning because he has 
problems installing Midas from a CD-Rom (some previous version).  His 
PC does not recognize the CD at all (only once he got a directory
listing from Windows but could not reproduce it). He asks if there are 
some installation notes which we could send him. 

He would also like to receive the new MIDAS CD as soon as it is 
available for distribution.
His name and address:

Bernd Boehme
Burgstr. 78
D-44651 Herne

Can you make him happy, please??