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>Class: support
>Priority: high
>Category: midas-system
>Originator: David.Carrillo@obs.unige.ch
>Release: 95NOVpl2.0
Dear Sir,

Here is my script (it is short):
define/local I/I/1/1 0
define/local J/I/1/1 0
define/local val/R/1/1 0.0
define/local trip/R/1/3 0.0,0.0,0.0
do I = 1 56
do J = 1 58
compute/key val = {temp00[@{I},@{J}:@{I},@{J}]}
compute/key trip(1) = I
compute/key trip(2) = J
compute/key trip(3) = val
read/key trip h

This is the answer of the machine:

COMPUTE/KEY val = {temp00[@{I},@{J}:@{I},@{J}]}
 problems with error label 000
COMPUTE/KEY val = {temp00[@{I},@{J}:@{I},@{J}]}
Invalid syntax in COMPUTE/KEY... Check the HELP if you use bad operators,
invalid keywords, etc.


What is wrong? I would like to give the value
of the pixel I,J of frame "temp00" to (key) "val". It seems that it 
worked with the previous Midas version.