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Received from Hans Schwengeler <schweng@saturn.astro.unibas.ch>,
Univ. of Basel:

Under 95NOVpl2.1 VAX/VMS V5.5-2, the VT125 device does not produce
any output when trying to plot an image. I modified the makefile.com
in [midas.95nov.libsrc.agl] to include the following lines:
$ MACRO vt125aux.mar
$ FORTRAN/NOLIST  vt125drv.for
$ LIB/REPLACE libagl3 vt125drv.obj
$ LIB/REPLACE libagl3 vt125aux.obj
$ LIB/REPLACE libagl3 aglinit.obj
But it doesn't work anymore (it did work in 94MAY version). Any ideas?

(I recompiled and relinked everything in [midas.95nov.prim.plot.src]).


Please repy to <schweng@saturn.astro.unibas.ch> if you have 
suggestion for a solution.

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