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Midas Problem under Linux?

I am running midas under Linux (Recent version).  If I run X-Windows
with more than 256 colours (say 16bit since my video card has 2Mb of
ram and I use 1024x768) , then midas fails to create a display window.
See output below:

   Midas 001> create/dis
   OSX: Writing error in 'round_trip', error = 0
   no. of LUTs has been changed to 1073770848

   OSX: Writing error in 'round_trip', error = 0
   OSX: Writing error in 'round_trip', error = 0
   We could not connect to IDIserver
   OSX: Writing error in 'round_trip', error = -1 
   Midas 002> 

Is there a solution to this problem?  Every thing works fine if I
configure X to work in 256 colour mode. I am happy to have a 256
colour LUT, but would like to have 16bit colour for other applications
that are running at the same time.

Any hints welcome.

Thanks Kym 

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