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Xlong GUI

Dear Midas users

Recently I upgraded the 95NOV version of MIDAS under Linux to the 97NOV.
It works OK, but I found that XLong GUI does not work properly (I didn't
check yet other GUIs). Namely, in main window it is impossible to set the
wavelength calibration frame, after the Search command one can see the
list of files in the new window, but no real command search/long is
generated. There are also problems with Calibrate window and, perhaps,
there could be other problems also.

In the menu of XLong it is written that this is the beta-version of new
Xlong package.

Please explain if there exists already the working
 version of this GUI, or, if not, how can I insert the old version (which
was working, of course) into the 97NOV environment, even, perhaps, with
recompiling it from source.

Yours very sincerely

Tigran Yu. Magakian

Byurakan Observatory