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;X84: Xlong GUI

> Dear Midas users
> Recently I upgraded the 95NOV version of MIDAS under Linux to the 97NOV.
> It works OK, but I found that XLong GUI does not work properly (I didn't
> check yet other GUIs). Namely, in main window it is impossible to set the
> wavelength calibration frame, after the Search command one can see the
> list of files in the new window, but no real command search/long is
> generated. There are also problems with Calibrate window and, perhaps,
> there could be other problems also.
> In the menu of XLong it is written that this is the beta-version of new
> Xlong package.
> Please explain if there exists already the working
>  version of this GUI, or, if not, how can I insert the old version (which
> was working, of course) into the 97NOV environment, even, perhaps, with
> recompiling it from source.
> Yours very sincerely
> Tigran Yu. Magakian
> Byurakan Observatory
> Armenia 
Dear M
 Sorry,I can't help you.I try my best to fetch the 97Nov,but faeled.Now I use the 96nov.Have Eso released the 97nov?