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Again: Midas on 24bit displays under Linux

Dear colleagues,

You probably remember that 24bit displays under Midas have been discussed
here before. I read again carefully Klaus Banse's mail from Sep.14, 1998,
but this confused me even more. I still have problems figuring out how to do
it or if it can be done at all. Maybe somebody can help me out.

That's what I did. I have installed Midas 98NOVpl1.6 on Linux (SuSE 5.3).
With the X-Server running at 8bit depth, everything works fine. When I
switch to 24bit depth, "crea/dis" crashes. Here is a log:


no.  command:              (Midas unit 00, version 98NOVpl1.6, noparallel)

Midas 001> INITIA/DISP p5=RGB
Midas 002> CREATE/DISP
OSX: Writing error in 'round_trip', error = 0
OSX: Writing error in 'round_trip', error = 0
IDI_SINI: We could not connect to IDIserver (error = 111)
name used was: /home/midas/midwork/midas_xw00
OSX: Writing error in 'round_trip', error = -1


I also tried the Xtest.exe program with the following result:

midas@sfb1:/home/midas > /opt/midas/98NOV/system/idiserv/src/Xtest.exe

******   X Window test program  (98NOV pl1.3)  ******

On screen 0 we have:
Display width, height, depth, no_planes = 1280, 1024, 24, 24

Default Visual (id = 0x22) is TrueColor

No. of Visuals: 1
visual id: 0x22
class: TrueColor
depth: 24 planes, colormap size: 256 entries
******   using PseudoColor Mode   ******
we could not get a PseudoColor Visual ...!   

The 24bit depth is correctly identified but that is all I can see from this
output. Do you have any hints or clues? Do I need a PseudoColor Visual or

Thank you in advance for your help,

Kind regards,
Otmar Stahl