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Some tutorial problems

Dear Midas colleagues
        I have installed midas98novpl1.4 through ESO ftp site on my home
pc/linux.I am using Red Hat 5.1.
1)I tried this commad tutorial/align auto.Everything works fine until
Qualifier could not be found.The qualifier of the command you just used
is unknown to midas

2)Tutorial/table seems doesn't work at all.This is what I got
Lusize has been changed to 9
cp:/midas/demo/data/ugc.dat: no such fle or directory
cp:/midas/demo/data/ugc.fmt: no such file or directory
create table file
CREATE/TABLE tugc 10 700 tugc tugc
***problem creating format file: tugc
name/column tugc #1 F11.3
<ERR> **bad column #1 (>0),table:tugc-tblcol
wrong column reference

Any clues or hints??Thanks in advance.