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Midas98NOVpl1.4 and Red Hat Linux 6.0

Dear midas users
    I have experiences in installing midas98NOVpl1.4 on Red Hat Linux
5.1 & 5.2.Recently,I tried installing the same midas98NOVpl1.4 on Red
Hat Linux 6.0 in our lab.Everything went smoothly and I can get inside
midas and execute load/image command but I encountered error messages
when I tried stat/image centaur.These are the error messages:
/midas/98NOV/prim/exec/statis.exe:error in loading shared
libraries:libf2c.so.0:cannot open shared object file:No such file or
<ERR>Problems in executing /midas/98NOV/prim/exec/statis.exe
    I am afraid there could more than just statis.exe file.Is there a
compatible problem between midas98NOVpl1.4 and Red Hat Linux 6.0??What
should I do?
Thanks a lot.