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CREATE/DISPLAY not possible

Dear All,

I have installed ESO-MIDAS 98NOVPL2.1 under SUSE Linux 6.2.
After running the verification program @verify2 (test of CREATE/DISPLAY
and CREATE/GRAPHICS) I get the following error messages (under KDE):

OSX: Writing error in 'round_trip', error=0
IDI_SINI: We could not connect to IDIserver (error=111)
osx message: (null)
name used was: /home/peter/midwork/midas_xw00
(APP) application error - 9
Could not open sxw.dat file in MID_WORK...

Running under the bash-shell it says:

(APP) application error - 9
We could not connect to X - environment, check the DISPLAY variable

Who can help?

Peter Laenger