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ADAPT/ROMAFOT int_tab [thres] [i_factor] [s_factor] [h_factor] [x_size,y_size]

This is a self-explanatory command. Its use is recommended in order to facilitate the convergency taking into consideration the differences in exposures and seeing conditions between the template and the other program frames.

At this point the user has reached a stage which correspondings to that after executing GROUP/ROMAFOT. In fact, he/she has all the objects organised in windows with certain trial values and he/she is ready to execute the command FIT/ROMAFOT.

The user may realise that ADAPT/ROMAFOT does not delete the objects which in the new frame are, for instance, fainter than the photometric threshold: it only flags them. This flag will allow the registration of such objects but with the instrumental magnitude set to ``0'' in order to keep the sequential correspondence of the objects in different frames. It is certainly wise not to loose such correspondence using the key ``C'' in ANALYSE/ROMAFOT. The key ``T'' should be used instead.

Petra Nass