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ADDSTAR/ROMAFOT in_frame out_frame [reg_tab] [cat_tab] [x_dim,y_dim] [n_sub]

This command selects one subframe from the original frame and generates an artificial image identical to the primitive but with the quoted window added at given positions.

If this window contains one stellar image, one is able to determine, through a new ROMAFOT session, the ability of the procedure to detect an object and the general reproducibility of the photometry. A catalogue, similar to that created by FIND/ROMAFOT, is generated by ADDSTAR/ROMAFOT. This catalogue contains the positions where the subarray has been added and the original instrumental magnitudes in order to allow a ready detection of the differences. Obviously, one single window can be added in several output positions and different windows are generally used in input to sample the behaviour of the errors in luminosity.

The procedure described above results in a multi-reduction of the same frame, because, after having generated the artificial image, the user must go through the commands SKY/ROMAFOT $\rightarrow$ SEARCH/ROMAFOT $\rightarrow$ GROUP/ROMAFOT $\rightarrow$ FIT/ROMAFOT $\rightarrow$ ANALYSE/ROMAFOT $\rightarrow$ REGISTER/ROMAFOT. The following command can make the job less time-consuming.

Petra Nass