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Principle of the Program

Creates a 1D image containing the continuum and possible emission lines.
Induces absorption features on this image.
Possibly, comparison of the resulting image with observations. According to the result, the user can then modify some of the input parameters and repeat the operation until the agreement is found to be satisfactory.

The package contains:

4 commands: 		 CREATE/PSF 		 : 		 creation of the instrumental response

COMPUTE/EMI : computation of the initial unabsorbed spectrum
COMPUTE/ABS : main program, computation of the theoretical
absorption spectrum.
TUTORIAL/CLOUD : on line tutorial

3 tables: EMI : contains the emission line parameters
ABSP : contains the atomic data
ABSC : contains the absorption line parameters
(cloud model)
4 keywords CLDDIM :)
CLDZ :) monitor several parameters or options
CLDCT :) common to the 3 commands

Petra Nass