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Initialisation of the Keywords

These keywords are relative to the CLOUD context and can be handled by the usual commands (READ/KEY.....).

They are required to run the programs:


They define the output image dimensions, the coefficients of the polynomial continuum, the redshift of the source, and the type of absorption profile (Maxwellian or Voigtian). Their format is described in section Auxiliary Data.

Ex. command:

\fbox{\tt CLDDIM(1) = 3500 \ \ CLDDIM(2) = 0.5 \ \ CLDDIM(3) = 200}

Sets the synthetic image dimensions to:

Start point 3500 Å, step size 0.5 Å, number of pixels 200

\fbox{\tt CLDZ(1) = 2.48}

Sets the redshift of the source to 2.48

\fbox{\tt CLDCT(1) = 1}

Defines a flat continuum

\fbox{\tt CLDOP(1) = 1}

Indicates that the absorption coefficients will be computed according to the Voigt Formula.

Petra Nass