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Many people have contributed help and advice in developing the current version of PEPSYS. I have learned a lot about photometry over the years from A. W. J. Cousins, whose papers I recommend to every observer. John Menzies communicated the Cousins E-region standards in both UBV and uvby systems. Erik Olsen provided the latest uvby - H-Beta standards, and advice on their use. Harri Lindgren and Petr Harmanec provided much useful discussion of reduction methods. Stan Stefl was the first user of PEPSYS at ESO, and uncovered a number of bugs as well as suggesting helpful features. Chris Sterken tested the reduction program, helped find bugs, and made useful suggestions. Josef Hron carefully read the documentation and suggested numerous improvements. Fionn Murtagh pointed out a useful reference [5]. The members of the IPG all helped me with numerous MIDAS problems. Above all, I must thank Chris Sterken and Jean Manfroid for thinking hard about photometric reductions, and publishing a stimulating series of papers on the subject, as well as their recent textbook [22].

Petra Nass