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VISUAL/PERS Wavelet [out_file] [Disp] [Visu_Mode] [Incr] [Thres] [Display]
Visualizes the wavelet transform of an image in perspective. A file is created and loaded in the window if the parameter Display equal to Y (Y by default) ( figures 14.14 and 14.18). The default name of the output file is file_visu.bdf. The image is loaded in the window number Disp (default is 1). Visu_Mode can take the value CO or BW (color or black and white). Incr is a parameter which defines the number of lines of the image used. If Incr = 3, only on line on 3 are used (default value is 1). Threshold is a parameter which defines the maximum value which is taken into account. All the values superior to this maximum are set to the maximum. The maximum value Mj at the scale j is:

\begin{displaymath}M = \sigma_j * \mbox{Threshold}\end{displaymath}

The default value is 5.

Petra Nass