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This chapter briefly describes the astrometry context ASTROMET in MIDAS. The applications in this context correspond to Richards West's original POS1 program. The input/output are made compatible with MIDAS, but the algorithm has not been changed (as it proved to be extremely accurate, this would have been masochism).

***** IMPORTANT NOTE *****
Currently, the package has only been tested on system running SunOS. Correct installation and performance on platforms other than those running SunOS is explicitly NOT GUARANTEED. Performance, however, can be tested by executing the test described in the file directory /midas/$VERS/contrib/astromet/tmp/pos1.exp. The data for this test consists of two MIDAS tables: ppm300.tbl and xy300.tbl. Both tables can be found in the directory /midas/demo/data and can be retrieved by anonymous ftp.

Petra Nass