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Starting the MIDAS Session

You should first get an account and a disk area on the computers you want to work on (ask the system manager or see Vol A, Appendix D).

After login into the system, you can start the MIDAS environment by typing the inmidas command. On a workstation, you may provide a 2 characters strings for the identification of the terminal: in most of the cases, you need to visualise images or graphics, so give two digits; otherwise give a two letters strings (default is 00).

The reduction of echelle spectra requires a set of dedicated commands which are defined under the context ECHELLE. Therefore each reduction session starts with the command


to activate the echelle specific commands and to set all parameters to default values. Frequent users can integrate this command as well as display and graphic window creation commands in the login.prg file located in the working directory or in the MID_WORK directory.

Petra Nass