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Initializing keywords

The keywords contain all necessary parameters (see Chapter 6, Sect. 1.9 of the Vol. B for a complete list). SET/CONTEXT long will set all relevant keywords to their default values. To override the defaults, three possibilities exist:

Terminal input (see also MIDAS Users Manual Sect. 3.2.3, Volume A), e.g.:

Midas...> WLC = ``ccd0045 ''
Midas...> DCX(2) = 4

Note that adding some blanks at the end of a string to be entered into a character-type keyword may be a good idea in case the previous contents was a longer character string. Also it is mandatory to leave at least one blank on each side of the equal sign (=).

Using the command SET/LONG. This form is safer since keyword names are checked and the syntax is more flexible. The command:

Midas...> SET/LONG WLC =ccd0045 DC=,4

is equivalent to the two commands above. It can be noted that no blanks are necessary at the end of the strings and that spaces before or after the assignment symbol (=) can be freely added or removed. Keyword names can also be truncated to their shortest significant part.

Restoring the values saved in a previous session with:

Midas...> INIT/LONG session

where session is the name of a table created at the end of a previous session by the command:

Midas...> SAVE/LONG session

Generally, if parameters required for commands of the long slit package are omitted, their values will be taken from the associated keywords. Also, if a value is provided on-line to a command, it will change the value of the corresponding keyword. To display the current keyword values, type:

Midas...> SHOW/LONG

Since there is an important number of keywords involved in the package, the command SHOW/LONG is organized in sections, e.g.:

Midas...> SHOW/LONG g for general formats information
Midas...> SHOW/LONG d for dark, bias and flat-field corrections
Midas...> SHOW/LONG w for wavelength calibration keywords
Midas...> SHOW/LONG r for resampling keywords
Midas...> SHOW/LONG e for extraction keywords
Midas...> SHOW/LONG f for flux calibration keywords

Information can also be obtained on the keywords with HELP/LONG, as in:

Midas...> HELP/LONG wlcmtd

which provides the type, default value, description and current value of the keyword \fbox{WLCMTD}. A list of keywords and command names of the context Long is provided in Chapter 6 of the Volume B (Sect. 1.8 and 1.9).

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Petra Nass