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Possible Graphical Verifications


plots the central row of the comparison spectrum and adds the line identifications obtained. This plot can be used for coarse consistency checks. A hardcopy may be handy for future, similar work.


displays the residuals (column :RESIDUAL in table line.tbl) as a function of wavelength. This command is used to judge the quality of the calibration.

Midas...> PLOT/DELTA

plots the dispersion relation and the residual value as a function of the wavelength. Note that PLOT/RESIDUAL and PLOT/DELTA display the rms of the residuals. It is also possible to display, for all rows, the residuals for a given line of wavelength ``wavelength'' with:

Midas...> PLOT/DISTORTION ``wavelength''

The wavelength value must correspond to a value from the catalog \fbox{LINCAT}. The residuals are plotted in the graphic window with a scale such that the full extent of the graph corresponds to one pixel of the spectrum.

Petra Nass