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Other detectors: DET=OTHER

Other detectors require a spectral-response table file, whose name should be the contents of a character column named SPECTRESPTBL in the detector sub-table of the instrumental ``.tbl'' file.

 This spectral-response table file uses a column named 'LAMBDA' (containing wavelengths in nanometers) as the reference column. Responsivities, in amperes per watt, go in a column named 'RESP'. (Observers who have difficulty converting manufacturers' data from microamperes per microwatt to amperes per watt should be encouraged to take up a less demanding field than photometry.) Alternatively, responsive quantum efficiencies can be put in a column named 'RQE'; this quantity is dimensionless. All these data are Real*4. The table should contain one character descriptor, named RESPTYPE, whose value is either 'RESP' or 'RQE', to indicate which type of data are tabulated.

The remarks made above about the COOLING column apply here also; see the discussions given in connection with PMTs and CCDs.

Petra Nass